E-ton All Models 2021 Price Specifications | Bikes Price in Pakistan

The ETON Eco is an electric folding bike manufactured in Taiwan for pure quality. It features a 400 watt hub motor thus eliminating a chain or belt for dead silent running. 16 mph speed, 24V 12ah battery pack, 6 speed, 20″ wheels and range up to 20 miles. We are providing here the complete details about E-ton All Models 2021 Price Specifications.

E-ton All Models 2021 Price Specifications | Bikes Price in Pakistan

E-ton All Models 2021 Price Specifications

Latest E-ton Bikes 2021

  • Viper 70 Silver Series (RXL-7009)
  • Viper 90 Silver Series (RXL-9009)
  • Viper 90R Silver Series (RXL-90R09)
  • 2009 Viper 150R (RXL-150R09)
  • YUKON II (CXL-150)
  • Viper 90R 4-Stroke (RX4-90R)
  • Viper 70 4-Stroke (RX4-70)
  • Beamer 50 (PN2D)
  • Matrix 50 (PN2H)
  • Sport 50 (ESPORT)
  • Matrix 150 (PN2I)
  • Sport 150 (ESPORT150)
  • Viper 70M (Mini) (RX4-70M)
  • Viper 70 4-Stroke (RX4-70)
  • Viper 90R 4-Stroke (RX4-90R)
  • Viper 150R (RXL-150R)
  • YUKON II (CXL-150)
  • Vector 250 (VXL-250)
  • Rover (UK1)
  • Rover GT (UK2)
  • Beamer II (PN2B)
  • Beamer Matrix (PN2C)
  • Beamer III (PN2D)
  • Beamer Matrix II (PN2E)
  • Beamer R2 (PN2G) (49cc)
  • Beamer R4(PN2F) (149cc)
  • Beamer (PNB)
  • Rascal (IXL 40)
  • Viper Jr. (RXL-40) (Pull Start)
  • Viper 40E (RXL_40E) (Electric Start)
  • Lightning 50 (AXL-50)
  • Thunder 90 (AXL-90
  • Sierra (DXL 90U)
  • Viper 50 2-Stroke(RXL-50)
  • Viper 50M(Mini) (RXL_50M)
  • Viper 70 2-Stroke(RXL-70)
  • Viper 90 2-Stroke(RXL_90)
  • Viper 90R 2-Stroke(RXL-90R)
  • YUKON(YXL-150)

The bike weighs 55 lbs and the battery is 21 lbs. Includes handlebar mounted carrier for your charger so you can re-charge at your destination thus doubling your range. Whether you are a student, camper, pilot or whatever, the Eco electric folding bike is a great form of transportation and fun. Keep in touch with us to get the latest bikes prices here on this page.

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