Daewoo Racer Top Models in Pakistan with Price Mileage/Average

Daewoo Racer is a name of reliability and power in Pakistan. Daewoo has produced many cars in its early years, and they became quite famous. Daewoo is a totally Pakistani company. After launching its only car, Daewoo disappeared from the market for a long time. now this company is appearing again with some new models of the daewoo racer car. lets see how well it does in the already concentrated Pakistani auto mobile market.

Daewoo Cars are in large number used in Pakistan and we are providing here the complete details about Daewoo Racers cars. The users having interest in cars are informed that Daewoo Cars all top models specs and prices are available here. We also are describing here the Daewoo Racer Top Models in Pakistan with Price Mileage/Average.

Daewoo Racer Top Models in Pakistan

Daewoo Racer 1993                                                                      Rs 340,000

The original series Daewoo Racer was available as a three-door hatchback and a four-door sedan when introduced in July 1986. Sales of the Racer in North America began in 1988, where it was sold as the Pontiac Racer. The Racer was one of the first aerodynamically designed cars to be sold in South Korea, and the first to feature a digital dashboard.

Daewoo Racer Top Models in Pakistan with Price Mileage/Average

Technical characteristics:
Daewoo – Racer – 1.5 i (75 Hp)

Brand Daewoo
Mileage 9.3 l/100 km
Model Racer
Generation Racer
Engine 1.5 i (75 Hp)
Doors 4
Power 75 hp
Maximum speed 163 (156) km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 12.5 (15.9) sec
Fuel tank volume 50 l
Year of putting into production 1993 year
Year of stopping production 1995 year
Coupe type Sedan
Seats 5

Daewoo Racer 1996                                                  PKR 400,000

The times show how fast a car accelerates on high gears, without gear reduction. The lower the times, the drive is more relaxing and driver less often needs to change gears during overtaking or hill climbing. Practical tip: if the 60-100 km/h on 4th is higher than 11 sec and 80-120 km/h on 5th higher than 15 sec (or higher than 19 sec on 6th).


Daewoo Racer Top Models in Pakistan with Price Mileage/Average

Make: Daewoo
Model: Racer ETI
Year: 1996
Price: 55 P Neg.
Number Plate: UJB 245
Color: Gray
Body Type: 4-door
Capacity/cc: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Used
Advertiser: Owner

Daewoo Racer Top Models in Pakistan with Price Mileage/Average

Daewoo Racer 2000                                                 PKR 365,000

Daewoo Racer 1.5 i car bodywork specifications Daewoo Racer 2000 is a sedan with 4 seats and has 4 doors. Dimensions information of car 4482 mm long, 1394 mm high, 1662 mm wide. Other Daewoo Racer 1.5 i cars specs: 2520 mm wheelbase, rear track has 1406 mm, front track has 1400 mm,. Total car weight is 969 kg and 1460 kg of maximum weight, cargo capacity (volume) if from 530 . Tires type for Daewoo Racer 1.5 i is 175/70 R13.

Daewoo Racer Top Models in Pakistan with Price Mileage/Average


Engine displacement (cm3) 1498
Engine location Front, transverse
Mileage 9.3 l/100 km
Bore (mm) 76.5
Number of cylinders 4
Stroke (mm) 81.5
Valves per cylinder 2
Fuel supply Distributed injection
Engine power (hp) 75.
At revolution 5400

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Daewoo Racer Top Models


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