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Hero Motorbike New Model 2019 vs Metro Motorcycle New Model 2019 Specs Feature Shape Price

Metro company is one of the rising prestigious bikes company. It is really an extension to Electronics Company which is why it can be said that they are the ones producing objects to bring change in our lives. Users can see all about Hero Motorbike New Model 2019 vs Metro Motorcycle New Model 2019 Specs Feature Shape Price.

The company of Metro has the bikes Prices in Pakistan for 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc models specifications latest model features detail is here. Hero has all the great specs such as 4-stroke engine, Air cooling with SOHC. The features of the bikes include many amazing ones. The latest bikes which are launched are give the mark too so you can click the names and have all the details about them

Hero Motorbike New Model 2019 vs Metro Motorcycle New Model 2019 Specs Feature Shape Price

Hero Motorbike New Model 2016 vs Metro Motorcycle New Model 2016 Specs Feature Shape Price

Metro Bikes New Models

Metro bike is really an upgrade and you will get to enjoy more comfort in just PKR 39,500. This bike is one of the bikes that come in very affordable prices but with awesome specifications that will totally blow your mind. The bike has euro2 technology which is the best one on its own the presence of carburetor with DENI (PZ-22 Brand) makes this bike fuel consumption economic.

Bikes Price in PakistanMetro Prices
Metro MR 70 2019 PKR 43,000
Metro 2019 Boom Euro ll 70 PKR 39,000
Metro MR 70 Jeet 2019 PKR 39,500
Metro MR-125 2019 PKR 75,600

Hero Bikes New Models

The competitors Of Hero are struggling hard to introduce such bikes that are good looking, energy efficient and durable. With this strategy, Hero has brought into the competition its new 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc models. This bike has two editions, one is simple and the other is a special one.

Bikes Price in PakistanHero Prices
Hero RF 70cc 2019 PKR 44,000

The indicators, rear break light and headlights all are unique. The indicators are oval in shape and brake lights are stretched and broader. Hero and Metro control the efficiency of this motorcycle and to make it more comfortable, durable and reliable, the bike is powered with four stroke OHC system and latest CDi system. Keep in touch with us and have the latest updates about bikes prices on this page.

Metro and Hero Bikes

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