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New Suzuki Jimny Car Price in Pakistan 2016 Model Specs Features Mileage Pictures

The new launch of a new car by the Suzuki Jimny is now given your way. The Suzuki Jimny is a column of SUVs from Suzuki fashioned since 1968. Subsequently production Suzuki Jimny will be launched soon approximately the globe in 2016. Suzuki Jimny is modish, gorgeous and a stylish vehicle. Suzuki iM-4 Is Next Gen Jimny Set for 2016 Launch.

Suzuki Jimny is inspiring compact four wheel jeep. It is calculated for those adventurers who approximating to have fashionable 4W ride. Suzuki Jimny is obtainable in two colors solid white and silky silver. Suzuki Jimny has outstanding and eye catching intend.

New Suzuki Jimny Car Price in Pakistan 2016 Model Specs Features Mileage Pictures

New Suzuki Jimny Car Price in Pakistan 2016 Model Specs Features Mileage Pictures

Suzuki Jimny 2016 is contrived by one of the world’s mainly notorious automobile companies Suzuki. This is the lavishness vehicle has an enormously designed body and tremendously amazing features.

After verdict out the Suzuki Jimny price in Pakistan, you will comprehend that it is much higher than the other vehicles of this category in our country. This is it but that is exclusively owed to its cutting-edge postmodern happenings. Suzuki iM-4 Is Next Gen Jimny, Set For 2016 Launch


  • It has extremely good features especially in the form of an M13A engine type. With the displacement of 1328 cc, the16-valve and 4-cylinder engine will generate sufficient thrust for running the vehicle on versatile terrains with amazing high speed.
  • The manual system comes with 1 reverse and 5 forward gears, while auto transmission, on the other hand, will allow you only four levels of speed.
  • Suzuki product comes not only with high fuel efficiency but also voluminous tank capacity of 40 liters.
  • The gross vehicle weight of 1,420 kilogram and 2,250 mm of wheelbase offer an ideal combination for the extra strong road grip and stable drive.

The latest 2016 model of Suzuki Jeep will be out with enhanced superiority and highly proficient features. Although mainly of its features is the equivalent as that of its forerunner models, the latest description is being introduced with more than a few interesting accompaniments.

The automobile lovers and car extremist are nervously waiting for this most recent wonder produced and launched by the cooperative scheme of Japanese and Pakistani firms.

Suzuki Jimny 2016

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